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What to do if my game is published without my permission


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I made a search on my game Sticky Ricky , and I was shocked that it's publish in many sites , I put it just in kongregate and newgrounds  and didn't lock it , I talked to all the site and most of them removed the game after my request , but two sites didn't remove it , I send mails twice without any response from them , so what I have to do , I don't want them to put it in there sites ? 

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Sorry to hear this, it's frustrating and not uncommon for quality games.  Locking a game will have limited benefit, don't blame yourself.  Practical advice is don't spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it (a DMCA takedown should take less than 5 mins once you've done it a couple of times).  Some additional takeaways are: 1) brand future games in multiple ways so stolen traffic still promotes the author and proper licensing channels, 2) develop server-authoritative or partner-publishing strategies for monetization, 3) offer paying customers more value than what they could achieve by stealing, 4) remember a sequel is quicker for the original author to make - and everyone prefers to play the latest greatest - so if stolen games get traction cash in later.

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