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Game Design Goals

Froton X

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Do you have any game design goals? Any future benchmarks for your games? A game you want to make?


As for how I got here:

I'm glad I had gotten bitten by the game design bug yet again in late December, or I wouldn't have realized then that there are millions and millions of iphones, which could very well spell a new, modern, gold rush. It's like if it were the 90's and every and there grandma owned a sega genesis, there would be millions of consoles out there, and this would translate into equivalent amounts of games being purchased. This is what those gaming companies in the 90's WISHED it was like.


Last time I checked up on the industry, around maybe 2010, things weren't this good, and I don't think there was such a large and expansive market as that of devices then. I've been into Game Design since 1999, and I've had a dream, that I still have now, of developing a particular type of game. It's not a simple game, and it's certainly not addictive either. It's merit is the challenge as well as the versatility in design it would offer the player. Basically, back in December, I was discussing this game yet again like I do every few years, but this time I explained it with video and even built a website explaining it.






I could only do a mock up gameplay in 2D, but the game is meant to be 3D, with emphasis on competition and multiplayer. I had no interest in developing any other game was my attitude at the time. When I analyzed and researched, I found I would need $50,000-80,000 to hire the people needed and the game engine that could possibly make it happen{Unity} just for the indie version of this game.


Then, while researching, I found out about the gold mine that is html5 and later the gold rush known as free mobile games with ad rev. Then it hit me that there were simple 2D games I wanted to make since I was a kid, so I started a journey from small steps to learn game development for the mobile platforms and html5. While still working my job of freelance artist, I managed to learn game development and managed to work on three games simultaneously, 2 being simple enough to finish within weeks and the third still in development due to being a little more complex. I still have no idea how to do stuff like put iAds/anykind of ads in your games. Selling to "html5 portals", and all that other stuff. All I have done so far was submit to the Tizen store since it was free to do so, and that was it. I'm hoping to gain revenue to be able to afford to hire a team of game developers to work on the more ambitious game project that I have.


What are your thoughts on this, your opinions, and your advice on the matter?

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