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Sprite sheet without JSON file


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If there's no rotation involved making a spritesheet parser for any tool is very easy even for people who hate math. It comes usually with a xml or json that lists frames with position, dimension, and names. You extract those names in a loop, create rectangles out of position/dimension, put everything in a dic and voila, now you can run another loop to create texture from the main texture and pass along those frames(rectangles) you created when parsing. NO MATH involved.

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NO MATH involved.

My nightmare.

Let me tell you about D8 Group! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dihedral_group It has 16 elements, all rotations of octagon. 12-th rotation will be FlipX, thus you can specify "texture.rotate=12" and all sprites that have that texture will be flipped horizontally! See? Its easy!

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