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Hexi as extension


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Hey !
I want to start a project with Pixi. But I really like some functions Hexi gives me.
So I would like to mix them both.

My plan was to use Hexi as main script and since its based on Pixi, call Pixi methods if needed.
But unfortunately I dont know how to access the Pixi object from Hexi.

On github it says I can relate to specific modules just by:

hexi.bump.hit(spriteOne, spriteTwo);

So I figured I could touch Pixi through hexi.pixi/ hexi.PIXI, but thats not the case.

Does anyone has experience with it ? It would make it much more easier to do things than in plain Pixi.

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2 hours ago, botmaster said:

If I'm not mistaken hexi hasn't got an update in 2 years which means it's a dead project. If you want to experiment that's fine but you'll be missing on the latest pixi updates/versions. As for working on a REAL project it's a NO, NO, NO, don't do that.

Ok thanks for your answer ! there were some cool functions like grid or shoot, which made me write less code, but then I should do plain Pixi. Thanks! What was the stablest version ?

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you can have equivalence on hit check for pixi like this.


    hitCheck(a, b){ // colision
        var ab = a._boundsRect;
        var bb = b._boundsRect;
        return ab.x + ab.width > bb.x && ab.x < bb.x + bb.width && ab.y + ab.height > bb.y && ab.y < bb.y + bb.height;


100% stable with all plugins it v4.8.6
v5 also but not all plugins are available for now, will need wait maybe ~1 or 2 week maybe for update.

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