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Efficient way to fill the canvas with random pixels


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Im trying to make a simple app/feature, that fills an area with random pixels(random color at random time)
I have a working solution that is only a handful of lines of code, but its crazy slow. (uses WegGL and Nvidia GTX1060 gfx card + i7 cpu ).
The way i fill the canvas with random pixels at the moment is like this:
1) set interval that calls the drawRandomPixels function( it struggles to draw 1 frame every 250 ms )
2) loop over every pixel coordinate(x, y) and use 

this.contentGfx.fillColor = 0xFFFFFF * Math.random();
this.contentGfx.drawRect(x, y, 2, 2);

3) after all the pixels have been looped over, call the endFill() and render the stage.

Very simple and basic, yet it has massively worse FPS than what i get when i play Battlefield 5 on highest settings.

The area that im trying to fill is 250 x 250 canvas. I used 2x2 pixel size to get a bit better performance but its still damn awful.

Is there a better way to draw pixels in PIXI ?

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