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WEBGL_draw_buffers compilation error


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Hi there,


When tying to compile pixi.js 5 with typescript I get


node_modules/pixi.js/pixi.js.d.ts(3848,30): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'WEBGL_draw_buffers'.

3848                 drawBuffers: WEBGL_draw_buffers;

node_modules/pixi.js/pixi.js.d.ts(3851,30): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'WEBGL_lose_context'.

3851                 loseContext: WEBGL_lose_context;

node_modules/pixi.js/pixi.js.d.ts(3852,36): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'OES_vertex_array_object'.

3852                 vertexArrayObject: OES_vertex_array_object;

the definitions of those symbols are on lib.dom.d.ts so I'm not sure what should I do


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Dude, you're amazing. You always reply right away!

> Need ES6 or something like that in the libs., I dont remember exactly.

I trid that, no luck

> Workaround: If you dont use webpack and other things you can just copy that file to your libRoot or somewhere in your project and remove those lines.

Unfortunatelly I do use webpack

> That's how pixi-spine works: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-spine/blob/master/tsconfig.json#L13

I tried the different parameters in that tsconfig.json without sucess. So I'm likely missing something.

Anyway, I solved it by removing those 3 lines out of pixi.js.d.ts

Now I'll spend some time porting the existing code

Very excited to finally try 5.0!


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;) Can we get a WebGLRenderingContext and a WebGL2RenderingContext in one type? Sure np!

export interface GPURenderingContext extends WebGLRenderingContext
drawArraysInstanced(mode:number, first:number, count:number, instanceCount:number):void;
drawElementsInstanced(mode:number, count:number, type:number, offset:number, instanceCount:number):void;
vertexAttribDivisor(index:number, divisor:number):void;
pixelStorei(pname:number, param:number|boolean):void;


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