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Checking for images already loaded with Loader()


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I load a bunch of image files into my app with Loader:

let loader = new PIXI.Loader();


The PIXI app is part of a larger HTML application and it may get initiatet and destroyed multiple times. 

My problem is when i load the app the second time i get warnings that the Texture already have en entry:
"Texture added to the cache with an id [images/circle24.png] that already had an entry"

I can see the image is already present in the texture Cahe


But using Loader i would like to get the texture from Loader.resources[], but that one is empty if i dont load it again...?


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20 hours ago, jonforum said:

did you clear before ?


No. That might be the way... 

But whats the purpose of the cache if I have to clear it all the time?

Seem like I can only load cached images when using fromImage() ...

In other words, how do I load cached images when using Loader.resources ?

let texture = PIXI.loader.resources["image"].texture; // does not look in TextureCache


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