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Use pixijs with rollup


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Getting error while using rollup with pixijs. rollup.config.js

default export {
  input: 'js/game.js',
  output: {
    format: 'amd',
    file: 'dist/game.js'

let PIXI = require('pixi.js');

Getting define not found error in console.


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If you use AMD in order to reference your modules, you should configure your rollup config in order to let it know you do this way. Here in this github issue is discussed a little bit, there are some solutions to this problems that I am sure will help you.

Although, If you can, I would recommend you to stop using require and use ES6 modules (import/export) that is an accepted standard.

PD: If you are developing on browser environment, checkout this quickstart-pixijs project, it can maybe help you too! It uses Parcel under the hood. Also, if you want to make some kind of library (as it seems in your example) is pretty easy to configure, just let me know!

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