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Combine diffrent loaders


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Hello everyone! 

Guys, tell me please :  if we have custom loader ( not pixi ) for load resources such as png/jpg - how to combine them with pixi loader? For example custom loader load /assets/ image folder before game starts, then in pixi we want to use this resources such as Texture.from('assets/img/...")  or loader.add("someImage", "/assets/img/someImage.png") - is it possible ??? Question about caching, we dont want to load the same image twice in our custom loader, and then in pixi . Maybe if after loading resources in our custom loader and then 

this._loader.add("bg", "assets/bg.png");

in Pixi - the file will not load twice and getting it from cache???

Sorry for my bad english.  

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hum, this can maybe give you some inspiration.
When i boot my app.exe it load from node first.

this is not finish yet but here how it can look.

window.onload = function() {
    const jsLibs = [
       // "pixi-heaven",
    const jsLoader = [

    const jsCores = [//TODO:
        //#GAME OBJETS



    //#STEP5:Trouver et scanner tous les DATA2, creer une list dans loader

    let step = 0;
    function nextStep() {
        switch (++step) {
            case 1: loadJs(jsLibs,'libs'); break;
            case 2: loadJs(jsLoader,'core'); break;
            case 3: $loader.mainLoad(nextStep); break;
            case 4: loadJs(jsCores,'core'); break;
    function loadJs(links,folder) {
        const head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
        let length = links.length;
        links.forEach(name => {
            const script = document.createElement('script');
            script.async = false;
            script.src = `js/${folder}/${name}.js`;
            script.onload = function() {


i cool way to scan all folder from you projet and create link files for after use it in pixijs

        /** SCAN ALL RESSOURCE IN DATA2 and create link */
        const scanDATA2 = () => {
            const recursive = require('recursive-readdir');
            function ignoreFunc(file, stats) {
                const isDirectory = stats.isDirectory();
                    return file.contains('SOURCE') || file.contains('source');
                    return !file.contains('.json') && !file.contains('.webm');
              recursive("data2", ["secure.dll", ignoreFunc], (err, files) => {
                files.forEach(PATH => {
                    const split = PATH.replace('.','\\').split('\\');
                    const name = split[split.length-2];
                    if(name.contains('-')){ // isMultipack
                        const _name = name.split('-')[0]; // nom sans -0
                        !this.LINKS[_name] && (this.LINKS[_name] = []);
                        this.LINKS[_name].push( {name:name,path:PATH.replace(/\\/g,"/")} );
                        this.LINKS[name] = PATH.replace(/\\/g,"/");
                return nextStep();

you will get all your project files links like that's for easily use pixiloader !



note :

check for `

loader.onComplete.add((loader, res) => { callback() });

when loader finish you can call a callback and start a new loader with new stuff.

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