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Rotate when keydown


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Hello everyone. I'm knew here and also knew to Phaser 3. I'm working on a game currently where you play as a lost ball who is trying to make it back to his owner. Anyway, I have my player movement working fine. I but when I keypress "w" or "a" I want the ball to also continuously rotate (to look like it's rolling) while those buttons are held down. this.ball.setRotation() will only rotate the ball once. I've done a lot of digging and can't seem to find what I'm looking for.


update() {
        // Movement (left/right)
        if (this.cursors.left.isDown) {
          } else if (this.cursors.right.isDown) {
          } else {
        // Jumping mechanic
        if (this.cursors.jump.isDown && this.ball.body.touching.down) {


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