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Graphics.drawPolygon max vertices


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Using pixi.js v5, I'm trying to fill a polygon with about one hundred vertices using Graphics.drawPolygon(), but the polygon is drawn incorrectly. When I reduce the number of vertices to about 50, then the polygon is drawn correctly.

Is there any limit (near 100) to the number of vertices that Graphics.drawPolygon() can draw?


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There's switch between batch rendering and one drawcall in PixiJS v5 graphics. It depends on number of vertices. Please make a demo and we'll fix it. For now you can enable batch on everything if you do 



Workaround: "PIXI.GraphicsGeometry.BATCHABLE_SIZE = 101" . If you want even bigger polygons, well, make that number bigger ;)


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Finally I found the solution in 43061-poor-performance-on-panning.

My polygon coords where too big (in the order of 10^8).

What mostly misleaded me was that batched polygons where draw ok, but not batched ones where drawn wrong.

I've solved the problem by making graphics.position equal to the polygon center and, consequently, reducing polygon coords in the order of 10^4.

Thanks for your help.

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