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Setting collisions


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Hi everyone, I'm new to phaser. Currently, I'm working to create a MMORPG based game.

There are three questions I have. 

1: Setting Collisions. When I try to set collisions, I am able to set the collisions using the StaticTilemapLayer object returned from map.createStaticLayer. However, I am unable to create collisions using the Layer object returned from map.getLayer(SCENE_CONSTANTS.LAYER_OBJECTS). This forces me to store the variable of the objects layer in the context of the scope, something I don't want to do.

2: Unable to Layer.setCollisionByProperty({ collides: true });when using tiledMap. but am able to set collision using Layer.SetCollision. My tiled Map json object has 


3. When extending the Phaser Sprite Object. The character image is not loading unless i add it to the scene. The tutorial I was following, they simply added the sprite to the physics using the add method, but I am forced to add to the physics as well as the scene


class BaseCharacter extends Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite {
    constructor(scene, positionX, positionY, spriteImageKey) {
        super(scene, positionX, positionY, spriteImageKey);



currently following this tutorial: https://medium.com/@michaelwesthadley/modular-game-worlds-in-phaser-3-tilemaps-1-958fc7e6bbd6

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