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Phaser 3 add images with for loop from array to a containter


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Hi, I am new to coding and phaser 3. Here is what I am trying to do-

I am have a world map that is draggable, and I want to add markers on the map of the cities I want to add. The cities are all stored in an array, myCities2. I have a plan to add a lot of cities and adding them through a function or loop will make it a lot easier than applying each city individually. Each city will link to a "demo scene" where the city name, city image and other relevant information will be passed and the city can be explored. 

I have build a lot of this in another file  but each city and click event hast to be copy pasted and so on creating hundreds and hundres of lines of code and repetition, I am sure there is a better way and I know coding has a solution, as my coding friends tell me. Efficient code is my goal here.

I have tried forEach(), and for loops but can't get them to add the images to the container with the map - as the map is dragged the cities need to be dragged along with it...

Any suggestions? 


Your help is greatly appreciated.




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