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Build Rooms - Online Sandbox Alpha Test


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Before we get started I'd like to say that build rooms was made entirely for fun. It's a WIP (Work In Progress) programmed in pure JavaScript with NodeJS and HTML5 canvas which we have plans to rewrite in Pixi or Phaser once we find another client-side developer.

The purpose of this test is to provide feedback on the current games state so we know where it needs improvement and what needs to be fixed.

The game has a discord server with around 70 people, and around 30 active players. It also has a forum but is not updated as often as discord.

Here's a few game screenshots:

The game currently has:
76 items.
48 splicable item recipes.
World ownership.
Commands (do /help for a list).
Collision detection with gravity(needs a little bit of work).
A shop.
Ways to exchange items and gems with the /give command listed in /HELP.
A small community of dedicated testers.

There are currently 4 of us working to develop the game and below I will provide links to social channels like the forums and discord below along with the link to the game (we are using a free domain until the testing is finished and we are 100% sure of a name)

Discord: https://discord.gg/x8dVHcv
Forums: http://buildrooms.boards.net
Client: http://buildrooms.tk













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