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  1. Before we get started I'd like to say that build rooms was made entirely for fun. It's a WIP (Work In Progress) programmed in pure JavaScript with NodeJS and HTML5 canvas which we have plans to rewrite in Pixi or Phaser once we find another client-side developer.The purpose of this test is to provide feedback on the current games state so we know where it needs improvement and what needs to be fixed.The game has a discord server with around 70 people, and around 30 active players. It also has a forum but is not updated as often as discord.Here's a few game screenshots: The game currently
  2. Hello! I have chosen this forum to be the first place where i will communicate about the release of my game, because Phaser has a special place in my heart. i decided to work hard on this project, alone, and never talk about it until it was well polished. I was about to release the beta in a couple of days but... what a surprise, i just saw that PhantomStom made an article about it! I don't even know how he found the URL, but i'm glad he did it :). So a little earlier than i expected, here is Infinity Land (BETA): https://infinity-land.net/ It's a sandbox platformer, you can cr
  3. Hello! Awesome game creators!! 'Fry Me Omelettes' is one-of-a-kind cooking game. I know there's a lot of casual cooking games around that are visually stunning, catered to mostly young girls. But most of them are very "step-by-step", like instructions. There's no way to lose or do something else, you always end up making the perfect dishes... I don't want that in my game. The ideas is to make a game that simulates real-life cooking, with plenty possibilities at hand, and is capable of making awful mistakes. (You'll be giggling at your own uniquely burnt eggs) I think that's
  4. Hey guys, today we finally launched our game Morterra! Morterra is an online survival game set at the dawn of man. You awake with absolutely nothing and must find food, water, and protection from others. You will need tools to build a base to protect yourself, armors to defend against attacks, and weapons to fight back. You will eventually grow tired and need to sleep. However, while you sleep you are still vulnerable to attacks, so you must build adequate protection for yourself to survive the night. The world contains no edges, no "safe-zones" (other than bases you build for yourse
  5. 1. There are examples where you can use assets, I don't see any option to register and upload? 2. How do I select the Phaser version to use in Sandbox editor?
  6. I am working thru the Intro. to WebGl by micosoft. I can get Babylon to run with my node.js server. When I try to just use blender and the sandbox, the sandbox is black. In blender the camera persp shows something. There are two lights and a camera. I am exporting the file using export and the Babylon.js. This is the top of the .babylon file {"autoClear":true,"clearColor":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"ambientColor":[0.0000,0.0000,0.0000],"gravity":[0.0000,-9.8100,0.0000],"cameras":[{"name":"Camera","id":"Camera","position":[12.8773,11.3313,-7.9031],"target":[-0.3240,0.8954,0.3054],"
  7. The Sandbox seems to be down for the last 24 hours . Tried this morning after cleaning my cache. Am I the only person who uses it? cheers, gryff
  8. Guys help please. A friend of mine made a model with sketchup so i exported it to dae and used blender to get the babylon file. heres a zip of the file with textures: File removed because it's apparently nothing to do with the problem
  9. I just (Tues Sept 6th 9.00pm) tried to load files into the sandbox and I'm getting an error message: 404 suggests it is not finding something. It was working fine this afternoon. cheers, gryff
  10. With a little encouragement from Wingy, I have set up a simple playground that allows me to append a very simple file from my Dropbox. Playground Everything looks fine - right? Well no! The image below is the same file dropped (from my local end of Dropbox) into the Sandbox and you see the sphere is red. The material code in the babylon file is : "materials":[{"name":"ball_plane.red","id":"ball_plane.red","ambient":[1,0,0],"diffuse":[0.8,0,0],"specular":[0.5,0.5,0.5],"emissive":[0,0,0],"specularPower":50,"alpha":1,"backFaceCulling":true,"checkReadyOnlyOnce":false,"maxSi
  11. Hi! I created a pc case model in 3ds max and added light and a camera etc... I then exported it using the babylon exporter plugin but when I view it in sandbox a lot of the pieces of the case are missing. You can see from the screenshots below what it should look like and what it looks like in Sandbox. I have attached a zip file with the 3ds max file along with the materials and the .babylon file that was created. Any help would be appreciated Aaron case.zip
  12. Recently started working on a space sandbox game called Diggerly. You will be able to build space stations/settlements and attack other players. Currently, only a very basic single player tech demo is available and it does not work on mobile devices. I release updates usually everyday and mining is up next. Multiplayer and space travel will be available in the next few days. Still have lots of bug fixes, optimizations, and designing to do. Controls are arrow keys/wasd and space bar to jump. The m key can be used to zoom out and show the whole planet. A playable demo is available here
  13. when i use http://www.babylonjs.com/sandbox/, i got this error: and this is my babylon file 10001.babylon
  14. I am looking for ways to go about creating a sandbox/open world game where anything in the environment can be destroyed/changed. I have been searching for hours for examples of these but to no success. Any help will greatly be appreciated.
  15. Hey everyone, I've been using phaser for a few days now and I really love it! Now my question: How do I put severals Tilemaps together so that they act like a single map? I'd like to have the option of an infinite, self generating map. My first idea was to have like 20x20Tiles large Tilemaps (chunks) which, when the player reaches the edge of each chunk, call the next chunk so that the player can move seamlessly through the map. And if this chunk doesn't exist yet, an algorithm creates it on the fly. This does also allow me to load the chunks dynamically, so that the players in a multip
  16. i found these work together, to help get demos on the sandbox Transparent PNGs: http://imgur.com JSON: http://myjson.com/ eg game.load.atlas('enemy', 'http://i.imgur.com/QGUSiQe.png', 'https://api.myjson.com/bins/2ojja');bit fiddly to not have them in one place or if you have a lot of files to manage, but useful if you just need help with a quick problem J please share anything else you find with cross origin access, especially free hosts that let you upload the lot in one place easily
  17. Hi, this is more of a request to Phaser admin than a question.... it would be good if we could use the assets from the examples in the sandbox (currently there's a security restriction)...this would make it easier to share example techniques on the forum, based on modifications to the original examples for now I've just suggested posting some modified code from pastebin into the original example (eg here http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/14930-creating-a-mini-map-from-a-render-texture/?p=98829) just an idea anyway if it doesn't cause any issues. thanks J.
  18. Hello to all.I created an object in Blender and I applied the texture using UV coordinates. This is the result of the render in Blender: http://postimg.org/image/5tbxbzk1l/ Unfortunately, when I go to upload the files in the sandbox of Babylonjs this is the output: http://postimg.org/image/4gu8a3mm1/ This is the log export file .babylon in Blender: http://postimg.org/image/d8194d5x5/ Can someone please help me? Where am I wrong? Can you give me some suggestions. Files that I put in the sandbox are these: - casa_geografia.babylon - casa_geografia.log - layout_diffuse_texture.png I atta
  19. https://phaser.io/sandbox/edit/tpauMNLC When i try to enable p2 physics for a sprite i get Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'set' of undefined. for the object.anchor.set(0.5); of @method Phaser.Physics.P2#enableBody. Please check the link above. Also how do i go about debugging in Sandbox? I have tried putting breakpoints in VM#### but a new one starts everytime i refresh or change something so that didn't work.
  20. Hexdro


    Created my first app/game! There's a demo version, and a paid full version. The only difference is in one you can save and in the other you cant (as it's a demo...) - The demo is a try-before you buy sort of thing. The game is a text adventure, though trying to bring something fresh to the genre. It's heavily inspired by Minecraft, the game is an openworld sandbox. It's coded in HTML/Javascript though i used webview for the android game. If you go to play/download the game - PLEASE read the commands first otherwise you will probably be confused as to how to play. I will be giving the gam
  21. Will the Phaser Sandbox get an autocomplete feature? The snippets are useful but a real autocomplete would be an awesome time saver and miss typing corrector. I love the Sandbox and currently using it on a Samsung Chromebook(the first one made) to learn game development.
  22. Is there any way to use the vim keyboard shortcuts with the Phaser Sandbox? I'm currently using Typescript with Phaser because of the Autocomplete and VsVim plugin, but if the sandbox would have vim editing mode that would be awesome!
  23. Hi guys, I've just released my last "game". I quoted "game" because basically it's just a sandbox. I'm currently working on a bigger project based on this demo. http://www.kongregate.com/games/toweld/ramp-lab Pascal
  24. I have started to have problems with the Sandbox this morning. I keep getting this error message: I see the Sandbox is now running V2 of BJS. From my test file (just a cube, camera and light) from Blender Exporter: cheers, gryff
  25. Hi, I created a little game sandbox with some physics models: gravity, cloth, DLA, fluids, soft body. Play it online here: http://dreamequation.net/sandbox/index.html Your feedback is welcome. Enjoy!
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