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Issue with masking transparent sprite


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Hi everyone,

I began looking for ways today to recreate this affect:



Theres a red image, a blue image, and the black is where the overlap. I wanted a draggable canvas where the black area appeared as you dragged the blue image around over the red one.

I immediately thought to use pixijs and began looking into masking the black image.

Here is what I came up with: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/7~KRCG4gBR_GmsYZVSUsn  (The transparent images appear to have problems in pixiplayground but they are working in my project's implementation).

All 4 image links, the red, blue, black(black version of red) and mask(black version of blue) can be found in the playground above.

If I apply a Graphic mask of just a black rectangle it works fine - but shows all of the black image of course. But if I use a black version of the blue image as a mask, the black image just never appears.

Should I be masking this for a sprite mask with transparency a different way?


Any help is appreciated. 

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It looks like a blendmode. 

https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/ekJ3GcU0461C9GCTYEmB2 - we support common blending composition modes. in your case it looks like MULTIPLY :) https://pixijs.download/dev/docs/PIXI.html#.BLEND_MODES , but beware - stuff like /OVERLAY is not reproduced in webgl. well, reproduced, but with plugins. But your case is easier.

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