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My diffuseTexture is not rendering on my 3d .babylon file


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I've been trying to change the texture of a 3d model but every time I call diffuseTexture on the mesh that I need the texture to be applied to it does not work, I tried playing around in the babylon sandbox and I applied the texture there and it didn't work when I first added the texture, but there were an option which said "Render as main texture" and when I turned it ON it worked and the texture was applied in the sandbox, now how can I apply the same thing on my 3d model...

// The code trying to change the texture
this.scene.getMeshByID('637b73d9-6073-4081-9ca1-56be54919ba7').material.diffuseTexture = new Texture("assets/img/deri_01.jpg", this.scene)


// In the console
diffuseTexture: f
animations: []
anisotropicFilteringLevel: 4
canRescale: (...)
coordinatesIndex: 0
coordinatesMode: 0
delayLoadState: 0
gammaSpace: true
getAlphaFromRGB: false
hasAlpha: false
invertZ: false
is3D: false
isBlocking: true
isCube: false
isRGBD: false
isRenderTarget: false
level: 1
lodGenerationOffset: (...)
lodGenerationScale: (...)
lodLevelInAlpha: false
name: "assets/img/deri_01.jpg"
noMipmap: false
onDisposeObservable: t {_observers: Array(0), _eventState: e}
onLoadObservable: t {_observers: Array(0), _eventState: e}
samplingMode: (...)
sphericalPolynomial: (...)
textureFormat: (...)
textureType: (...)
uAng: 0
uOffset: 0
uRotationCenter: 0.5
uScale: 1
uid: (...)
url: "assets/img/deri_01.jpg"<-----You can see the texture file here but it is not applied!
vAng: 0
vOffset: 0
vRotationCenter: 0.5
vScale: 1
wAng: 0
wRotationCenter: 0.5
wrapR: 1
wrapU: 1
wrapV: 1
_buffer: null
_cachedSize: r {width: 0, height: 0}
_cachedTextureMatrix: g {_isIdentity: true, _isIdentityDirty: false, m: Float32Array(16), updateFlag: 8673}
_cachedUAng: 0
_cachedUOffset: 0
_cachedUScale: 1
_cachedVAng: 0
_cachedVOffset: 0
_cachedVScale: 1
_cachedWAng: 0
_coordinatesMode: 0
_deleteBuffer: false
_hasAlpha: false
_invertY: true
_isBlocking: true
_lodTextureHigh: (...)
_lodTextureLow: (...)
_lodTextureMid: (...)
_noMipmap: false
_rowGenerationMatrix: g {_isIdentity: false, _isIdentityDirty: true, m: Float32Array(16), updateFlag: 8672}
_samplingMode: 3
_scene: E {rootNodes: Array(30), cameras: Array(1), lights: Array(3), meshes: Array(316), skeletons: Array(0), …}
_t0: d {x: 0, y: 0, z: 0}
_t1: d {x: 1, y: 0, z: 0}
_t2: d {x: 0, y: 1, z: 0}
_texture: o {onLoadedObservable: t, previous: q, next: q, _initialSlot: 0, _designatedSlot: 1, …}
_uid: null


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