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Background safe area scaling with window size


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Things that you have to study (look in docs, source code):

1. Renderer.resize and its super.

2. container.position, container.scale, container.pivot. If you want to do something in center of screen. position = center, pivot=local coords of that center. Go figure out how those two work.

3. CSS resize. "canvas.width" and "canvas.style.width" are different things. you can scale canvas instead and get a result. Also margin-left margin-top and other CSS things.

Algorithm that is suited for your game is born from those three things. Unfortunately, only a few people made that and reported back their findings, and I cant solve every person issues because, actually, its different for everyone :( If you solve your case , please make an article or at least small post here, maybe we'll get to more general case based on everything people report :)


Someone's medium article: https://medium.com/@michelfariarj/scale-a-pixi-js-game-to-fit-the-screen-1a32f8730e9c

More of those threads:


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