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Error with Spine version 3.8.60

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I trying to using Spine in my panda2 project, but get an error:


spine.js:4426 Uncaught Error: Slot not found: name at SkeletonJson.readSkeletonData (spine.js:4426) at Class.staticInit (spine.js:6686) at Class.staticInit (core.js:1123) at new Class (core.js:1157) at Class.init (main.js:105) at new Class (core.js:1165) at Class.init (main.js:38) at new Class (core.js:1165) at Class._setSceneNow (system.js:397) at Class._run (system.js:355)

I am using spine version: 3.8.60

Import as this:



And further:


And use like this:

this.sprite = new game.Spine('mytest.json');
           this.sprite.play('idle', true);
            this.sprite.speed = 0.01

When I download a spine spritesheet (spineboy) made with Spine version: 3.6.50 everything works. I can see  different in the Spine json files at the "skins" declaration. Dont know if that's the problem :

version: 3.8.60

"skins": [
            "name": "default",
            "attachments": {
                "head": {
                    "head": {
                        "x": 156.27,
                        "y": -4.07,
                        "rotation": 92.17,
                        "width": 400,
                        "height": 397

version: 3.6.50:

"skins": {
		"default": {
			"dust01": {
				"dust01": {
					"width": 96,
					"height": 73
				"dust02": {
					"x": -8.12,
					"y": 20.56,
					"width": 86,
					"height": 88
				"dust03": {
					"x": -5.49,
					"y": 34.26,
					"width": 62,
					"height": 52

I have downloaded the latest Spine.js version on panda.io

I have attachs the Spine spritesheets export files and my main file

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