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How to create circle image in container or rexui sizer


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Hi there.

First, I'm trying to make an FB Leader board like this image https://prnt.sc/owv7q4. I captured it from Caro - an instant game.

And I'm new in Phaser 3.

I know how to create circle image by using mask. But my problem is i can't use mask for a child in a container. I spent whole day to search solution on GG

Let me tell you how i make Leader board.

I use greate UI plugin of Rex, Scroll panel contains a sizer, that sizer contain many containers as row of rank.

In container i want to create an circle image and i didn't success with mask

Then i changed my solution to using sizer instead of container. Failed again.

Please help me find better solution.

If i need to post my code here, please tell me.

Thanks so much


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