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Fantasy Wars - game design for feature updates


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I have created a mobile game called Fantasy Wars released on the Apple App and Google Play store. 

I have been focused on developing the sequel to the game, so I have not had much time focusing on adding features and updates to Fantasy Wars. 

Fantasy Wars is a turn-based strategy game where six fantasy races: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Undead, Dwarves, and Drow combat on a world map similar to the board game Risk. 
Each race has a distinct special making them all unique.

I am looking for a game designer that can come up with adding new features to the game including new fantasy races. 
The new races need to be balanced and unique in regards to their special and strategy. 

Finally, for anyone interested, please try out and understand the game before contacting me.

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Hi Everyone, I think maybe I was not very clear in my original post and that developers are hitting me up for this role. So, let me update the job posting here and people can DM me if they're still interested:


I'm looking for a Phaser 2 developer to build out features to my existing game - Fantasy Wars. It's currently on the Apple App store as well as the Google Play store. 

My website is https://www.miyagigames.com/. It has links to to app stores as well as links to my social media accounts. 

Here are the 4 tasks I need complete for this position: 

1. Implement multiplayer so two players can battle each other. I have done most of this already using Firebase, but I need someone to take it over the finish line. Mostly bug fixing and testing when players disconnect/reconnect, etc. You will probably need two devices for this task. 

2. Better UI feedback. The game, while complete can use a little TLC when it comes to user feedback. This is more of a subjective requirement. 

3. Adding new fantasy races and specials to the current 6 current races. 

4. Optimization - The game works great, but the codebase can use better cleanup and optimization. Again, this is lesser priority, but it may be helpful to any new developer that jumps on later down the road. 

Before contacting, please try out the game before providing interest/feedback. I like to be on the same page with the developer before I hire. 

I'll have more documentation and can discuss budget once I find the developer.

Note, experience with Phaser 2 and Firebase is a requirement.

Thank you!



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