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PIXI Spine shadow filter optimization?


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Does anyone have experience optimizing/caching a DropShadow filter on spine animations? I was thinking that I apply the filter then each time a new unique combo of bones/trackEntries are played, i'll "hash" the combo (give it a unique string id based on frame index, skin name, etc) and then render the dropshadow to a render texture to be used the next time that "hash" is being played in the animation.

Has anyone done anything like this or have any tips that can save me some time in the long run? 

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in long run, i have more effective shadow filters waiting to be published for 3 months already :( 

2 ways:

1. flash way,

2. just 3 scaling textures with weights, @ 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 resolution.

If you really really really want to try that - I'll try to make it in next weekend :)

For now your solution is good enough.

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