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Hi there!

I have released my first game on Kongregate, I've put a lot of efforts into it, and I can't figure out now - why it has so low rating? My only guess is that initially it was too hard and players who couldn't walk through the first levels have evaluated the game low. And now I'm working on it, trying to make game less hardcore. But maybe there are some other issues?




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it is a really nice game.
I think the problem is right at the beginning. The game is not necessarily hard, but the controls are hard - those are two different things and the latter one is never fun.

When you play on the desktop, clicking to move is really inconvenient. Perhaps arrow keys would be a better fit?

Another issue is that the tutorial restarts from the beginning when you die, which was a deal-breaker and I wanted to quit.

I tried to play again though, but when I entered the second level it was super similar to the first one - you just fly through a cave. If you have any variation in the gameplay (enemies, moving objects, teleport, whatever... ) you should probably show it in the first levels to give players a clue that something more is coming.

Please do not take this negatively, I think this game has potential. It is really nice and I like that there is a story as well.

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