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Cards, tabletop , RPG free to use prototype PHASER2


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Cards, tabletop, RPG prototype


  • This prototype is a tabletop game with cards elements and some features of the RPG's world (you can play the desktop or the mobile version).
  • The goal is to collect all coins, using your avatars (you can move them, only one for each turn, using the arrows close to them (desktop version) or these at the bottom of the screen (mobile version)).
  • You can play it with your friends (max three players, one for each avatar).
  • The game end when all avatars are dead or all the coins have been collected.
  • There are several different enemies, some move, some drain you energy, some don't kill you, some bounce on you, some follow you.
  • There are some random cards at the bottom of the game area, with differents effects when used. Click or tap on them and the card will grow to show you his effect: more movement, add skill to your avatar, transform you avatar in a magical creature, your avatar obtain an item, you can cast a spell, etc.
  • When your avatar collide to some items there are different effects: more moves, more energy, the screen become black and white like old style movies, the screen became pixelate, etc.
  • Some spells cast in the same direction of your avatar is facing, you can change the point of view of your avatar using the buttons with curved arrows.
  • There is also a spinnig wheel that rotate when you collect the star (it's only decorative, you can customize it as you like).
  • The spinnig wheel came from an old Feronato's tutorial: https://www.emanueleferonato.com/2015/07/31/create-a-wheel-of-fortune-for-your-html5-games-with-phaser-in-only-a-few-lines/

Some videos (desktop and mobile versions):

I hope there are enough comments on the code. Please, let me know if you use my scripts, thanks.

Download all scripts
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