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HTML5 Game Coders needed for Revenue Share Collaboration


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Souzou is a fresh business model that involves everyone involved receiving a share of the revenue from the games they work on. So everyone puts in the effort and gets that back. The more work you put in, the more you get out. Instead of just working for a company, you are building the business to build your revenue. We have a great team of graphic artists and audio engineers already lined up with assets being ready for 3 games, but our programmers have been lacking, so we need some HTML5 (Javascript) coders to fill the blanks.


HTML5 is a growing marketplace right now with this year set to be even bigger. Mobile browsers are the key target so everything will be optimised for those platforms as opposed to desktop browsers. We don't mind the use of frameworks, but you must be able to port this quickly to the native mobile market. We currently have 2 coders on board whom are both using Phaser as the Framework of choice. We are looking for a final third coder to finalise our teams. We currently have 5 games in development with another 5 planned.

  • Games will be non-exclusively licensed to Gaming Portals so we can sell them multiple times
  • Each game will be released on multiple mobile platforms as paid and free with advertising
  • You would receive revenue from advertising and game sales that you work on
  • Code will be encouraged to be re-used to make development faster for future titles
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us immediately as we only have a limited amount of spots available. More information will be sent out ASAP. contact [*@*] souzou [*.*] com [*.*] au (HINT.... Remove the space and [*  & *] to email us)

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We have changed our Framework to concentrate on Phaser as 2 of our coders use this framework and to keep everything streamlined, a third coder using Phaser is requried. We have 5 games in development right now with another 5 on the way.This will be the last position needing to be filled, so please apply without delay. contact [*@*] souzou [*.*] com [*.*] au (HINT.... Remove the space and [*  & *] to email us)

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