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Drop Shadow with no Blur


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I want an unblurred drop shadow.

Essentially, every pixel's color should be replaced with the drop shadow color and the alpha value should be multiplied by the shadow's alpha value.


Is this possible with the DropShadowFilter? I tried setting blur: 0 on that one but it still seems to blur my shadows a bit.

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Its trivial if you know how to make filters. It certainly is easier than https://pixijs.io/examples/#/filters-advanced/pixie-shadow-filter.js , you just need simple shift of vTextureCoord.

As for pixi-filters dropShadowFilter - im not sure, you have to look inside its sources to determine whats wrong with blur:0

Alternatively, if you use it only on one sprite , its better to just use extra sprite with tint=0, alpha=0.5 and position shift - its simpler and faster, no need of framebuffer switch.

If you still want to use filter but you have problems with coding it, i can help in weekend.

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