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how to hide overflow text in container


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I am working on displaying a text with background color in pixi.  I could not able to hide overflow text (see attached) .  I have added bit of related code below. Please someone help me!!

let style = {
breakWords: true,
wordWrap: true,
align: "center",
dropShadowAngle: 0,
dropShadowDistance: 0,
fill: textColor, //Text color
stroke: textColor, //Text color,
fontSize: textSize + "px",
fontFamily: fontFamily != null ? fontFamily : "Arial", //TODO
fontWeight: fontStyle == "bold" ? fontStyle : "normal", //TODO
fontStyle: fontStyle == "italic" ? fontStyle : "normal", //TODO
align: "center",
wordWrap: true,
cacheAsBitmap: true, // for better performance
wordWrapWidth: this.textWidth != null ? parseInt(this.textWidth) : ""
let textPIXI = new PIXI.Text(textName, style);
this.setTextPosition(textPIXI, textBackgroundColor, textDimensions);
setTextPosition(textPIXI, textBackgroundColor, textDimensions) {
if (Object.keys(textDimensions).length > 0) {
const textBackgroundGraphics = new PIXI.Graphics();
// Rectangle
textPIXI.x = this.textPosX + (this.textWidth/2 - textPIXI.width/2);
textPIXI.y = this.textPosY + (this.textHeight/2 - textPIXI.height/2);;
//Add text and backgroundcolor to the container
this.addChild(textBackgroundGraphics, textPIXI);
I want to hide which is outside of the box.

text overflow.PNG

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If you know how to use html5 canvas 2d context, you can just look inside Text class and patch it, or find already existing feature:



In general, you can just apply a Graphics mask to container with that size. Look up how masks are done in pixi: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/masks/graphics.js

If your brain is already exploding, put your example to codepen/jsfiddle or pixi-playground, post it here, and wait for someone to fix it.

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