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My 3 mini-games for your Christmas day Pass-time

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If you have some time to spare on the holidays, do try out my humble 3 little games.

link to game selection:

From left to right:

ALIEN STEP: A grid-based action puzzler. You play as an alien, walk around the stages & collect the ORBS. The game is inspired by Chip's Challenge. It's a bit rough on the edges but I do hope you'll have a nack of time with it! 

TAP 'N DASH: If you like fast-paced finger reflect type of games, this might be the game for you. I really want to say that people MUST know about this game! Try play a few times, unlock a few features then you can really get the game's momentum.

FRY ME OMELETTES: My most proud work. An egg frying sim like no other. You can fry a sunnyside up egg, or an omelette, or overcooked/undercooked etc... it's up to you. Just do you best or worst to impress the 3 judges! I highly recommended this game not because it's unique & fun, but it also has X'mas theme!


Enjoy! Comment about the game if you like!
Happy Holidays!

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