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Im trying to change the background image of a game built using pixijs. Im just wondering what is the best way to do it ?.  Currently im using the below method but the problem is i have to redraw all the other child elements after i change the background. Thank you


const parent = app.view.parentNode;
    var imagePath = "images/"+image;

    var landscapeTexture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage(imagePath);

    var texture2 = new PIXI.Texture(landscapeTexture, new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, parent.clientWidth, parent.clientHeight));

    background = new PIXI.Sprite(texture2);



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Hi @ivan.popelyshev

Thanks for replying. Sorry if its not clear. Let me explain further.

Im creating a simple jigsawpuzzle game and Im following the method explained in below thread .

Now i want to add a background to the game. For that im using the method i have explained in the post. My problem is, whenever i change the background image i also have to redraw the puzzle pieces again. So im wondering is there a better way to do this where i can just change the background layer without having to redraw all the pieces ?


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You used `beginTextureFIll()` , right? And now all the graphics objects are built you dont want to rebuild them. PixiJS has great support of Texture->BaseTexture link but in this case it lacks :(

If your images have the same size, or supposed to be resized to the same size - you can use one RenderTexture and put it to graphics fills everywhere. Changing context is easy - just `renderer.render(myTexture, mySprite)` where mySprite is a scaled sprite with the backing texture you want.

If textures have different size, it might be that just resizing that renderTexture will work, I make that assumption based on my knowledge of how `beginTextureFill()` works. Its not an official feature, and I dont have guarantees that it will work, I just think it can: Graphics stores normalized UV's coords. On the first render (or when you call updateBatches) Graphics stores UV's and then it should not matter if you change renderTexture size.

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