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Prevent browser page zoom pinch gesture on desktop


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Having an issue on desktop where Pixi interaction manager doesn't appear to prevent default capturing pinch gestures.

This is especially problematic with Pixi Viewport, where pinch zoom gesture is getting caught by the browser; therefore, zooming the browser's viewport (entire DOM).

For example, as I pinch zoom the Pixi Viewport below, the browser intermittently zooms the entire view:




Maybe no solution here - Chrome doesn't support the `user-scalable` meta attribute in html on desktop.

By default, shouldn't the interaction manager of Pixi capture and prevent these events?  

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Logged at GitHub: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/6414

Basic gist:

This Fabric.js app prevents default - I guess it's not a built-in feature, though:

Deck.gl has this built-in, I think

Nebula.gl or Kepler.gl express this from Deck.gl:

Not sure what Three.js is doing

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