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Optimize a game for a very low end System


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I am working on an HTML game for the Raspberry Pi, a very low end affordable PC. The game is finished and works well on my Desktop PC, however when I took the game folder, transferred it into my raspberry pi and executed it with Chromium, my game started lagging unbearably.

I tried to make the game lag less by reducing the size of the Chromium window and this worked. The game was extremely small, however, and it was only occupying 1/4th the screen. Then I reduced the resolution of the raspberry pi itself, and this worked but once again, I can't expect every user to reduce the resolution of their raspberry pi for a browser game.

Can someone please let me know what all I could try in order to optimize and reduce the "weight" of my game in order to better run it on extremely low end systems?

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Hi @CuriousSapien,

Is your game a regular HTML dom game? or is it a HTML 5 Canvas game? the difference matters immensely as I've tried making games in regular dom before and it's just not build for constant updating of the elements.

They way I often handle resolution related problems is instead of rendering the game at full resolution I would render it at half and then scale it with. (not ideal but it does the job)

transform: scale(2, 2);

This ofcourse only works if your game is a HTML5 Canvas.

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