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Image edge transparency causes gray border


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Hi, I asked a question in an old post yestorday, no one replied, so I recreated a post, the old one is 



Thanks for your solution again, but I hava another problem, when the lower sprite and mask use the same picture, it will cause a gray border, I'm trying to zoom in the mask picture, and it's going to be obvious, I guess it's because the edge of picture are not clear enough, is there anyway to solve it?

here is my code: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/DPZGFIoYSgTtkkXSAmPTm




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I think I already know some reasons, the edge of the picture has some transparency, but the mask does not, so when the picture cut by mask multiply with the lower sprite, the edge will turn black, how to solve this problem?

In addition, why is the transparent part black , rather than transparent or white when calculating multiply, can I change it?


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Oh wait, its the same as in other thread.. OK, basically, you need to extrude your white color on transparent part. I have you an article about colors. Well, have another: http://www.adriancourreges.com/blog/2017/05/09/beware-of-transparent-pixels/


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