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WebGL unsupported in this browser, chrome 80, Windows 10 gaming PC


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Hi there, a big part of my users see a blank screen when they try to open my game webpage because of this error:


WebGL unsupported in this browser, use "pixi.js-legacy" for fallback canvas2d support.

When I ask them to visit https://get.webgl.org/ they say that WebGL is supported and works fine.
I use Pixi.js version 5.2.1.
95% of this errors occur in the latest Chrome 80 browser on Windows 10

How can WebGL not be supported on computers with decent graphics cards and latest browsers?
Has anyone faced the similar issue?

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you said that masks usage can cause this erro

yep, because pixi passes "stencil:true" in context creation params. If you want it not pass it - hack the Renderer constructor, I dont remember how to do constructor hacking in JS. Here's the line: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/packages/core/src/Renderer.ts#L282

Or you can clone pixijs repo and rebuild it. Probably editing "pixi.js" file and removing that line will help too.

We just didnt make an option to switch off that behaviour. If you want you can try make that PR, but dont forget that all MaskSystem has to be guarded somehow, notify users that their mask wont be rendered, or try render it different way (with shader/spritemask).

However, there's another trick:


Track that variable name through pixijs sources if you want to see what it does, im too tired to explain.

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7 minutes ago, fxlr8 said:

I tried switching to pixi.js-legacy, but now I get this error.

That's a real bug there, please make a minimal demo and an issue about it. Or tell me what kind of mesh did you use that it failed. We re-shuffled canvas renderer many times in last months, I really dont know which case could fail.

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On 3/22/2020 at 2:51 AM, ivan.popelyshev said:


Thanks, this helped. The app lags like hell, but at least it does not crash. Is there a way to detect which renderer is used right now? I could offer my users to turn on the hardware acceleration when they use canvas.

By the way, I created an issue for that bug here https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/6491

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I was thinking, how could it be, that a gaming PC would have the hardware acceleration turned off by default.
Imagine that you have just built a new PC. You need to download GPU drivers. Of course you will download chrome first. When chrome is installed, the GPU has no driver yet, so it will decide to turn off hardware acceleration. And this option is never checked again. Even after the driver is installed.

Looks plausible to me

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It shouldn't be :) Consider that: you can get me more info and pester me with questions however you want, but real stuff is to make proper report to chromium bugtracker.  Give them all parameters of devices, and params for context creation that pixi uses (from pixi sources or from SpectorJS capture frame feature).

Maybe there's an issue already: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/list?q=webgl&can=2 . ITs those guys job! However, those guys wont play with you like I do, they'll just close your ticket if you dont give them whole information.

One of my stupid ideas is that Chromium actually renders with integrated video and not discrete one , and how to change that - well, nvidia control panel allows to change but chromium sometimes does it own stuff, you need extra launch param for it.

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Look at answer here: https://superuser.com/questions/645918/how-to-run-google-chrome-with-nvidia-card-optimus

I dont know what is it about, but apparantly certain configurations were banned in chromium in firefox? I dont know . Did you look through chromium issues? I need that info yoo, you know!

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