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project setup for pixi v5 + weback + typescript - help needed


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Hi, I've been using pixi for many years but previously always loaded pixi.min.js via a script tag in my index.html

Now I need to set up a typescript project with pixi v5 installed from npm into my node modules, and using webpack (or possibly rollup ) as a module bundler.

I'm using VSCode. I created a new project and ran npm init, installed typescript, wepback (+ typescript plugin),  and pixi js. Added barebones tsconfig.json and webpack.config.js.

I created a test entry.ts file that imports pixi and instantiates a sprite.

All the documentation I have found by googling says that I should be able to import pixi like:

import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js';

but this isn't working for me. VSCode complains 'Cannot find module 'pixi.js'.

I see the actual folder in node_modules is called @pixi 

is that related to the problem?

How should I be importing pixi in my typescript files?

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I honestly dont like webpack/rollup. I barely tolerate parsel. Its integration with typescript is awful. However, because people are moving there without realizing how it works internally, and because most of PixiJS team are using bundlers already, I provide those instructions.

You need package `pixi.js` or `pixi.js-legacy`  or you have to make your own bundle here: https://pixijs.io/customize/ (switch to bundler)

If you have pixi plugins that'll be extra problem, because most of them dont support bundlers. https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-layers/blob/master/README.md#webpack-browserify-angular - that's how to do it. Add it in your first file or in bundle file if you have one.

In general, situation will change when we move everything, including TS definitions to module approach. We are halfway there.

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