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How to execute every second?


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Welcome to the forums!

"1 / 60 * delta" or "ticker.deltaMs" https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/3ffe52d29aedd79a5a281b4a6032e7c95f5ea98c/packages/ticker/src/Ticker.ts#L493

PixiJs does not have a scheduler, only a basic ticker for RAF.

Here's scheduler in a plugin https://github.com/Nazariglez/pixi-timer/ As far as I remember, its detached from PixiJS enough to work with anything >3.0.8 , even with v5. In case you use modern es6 modules, you  PIXI in global scope for it to work (like for other pixi vanilla modules, https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-layers#webpack-browserify-angular )

As usual, explanation why dont we have those functions in main package: we really care about size of our packages and dont want to force users on using our API's for trivial things. We provide renderer expertise.

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Thx :)

oh...Turned out to be used...

"1 / 60 * delta" or "ticker.deltaMs"

This can do what I want! Now I use the following code instead.

He should be fine.

const seconds = 0;
app.ticker.add(delta => {
  seconds += (1 / 60) * delta;
  if(seconds >= 0.5 ){

but...pixi-timer I don’t understand how to use?

Because I will update the screen through time judgment during recycling.

Finally thank you @ivan.popelyshev :D


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