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Add/Change text on a texture?


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Hello everyone.

I'm new to Pixi.js and I'm wondering if this would be possible:

Basically, a user should be able to enter a text which then will be added to a texture (some kind of card). This card will be placed on a board and these cards will be reorganized in a certain way.

The user should be able to click on the text and change it.

Is this feasible in Pixi.js? I'm still reading tutorials but right now I'm not sure how you would add input text to a texture and make it editable.

best regards



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Welcome to the forums!

Yes. However you wouldnt be able to do it without learning first what is Sprite, what is Texture, BaseTexture, how "Texture.from(myCanvas)" works, how actually "PIXI.Text" works and some other things. Please spend some time learning pixi and experimenting. 

pixijs examples: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/demos-basic/container.js

pixijs wiki: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki

also clone sources locally and open in separate IDE window, learn which hotkey in your IDE helps to find classes you want to look.

For input use something like pixi-text-input: https://github.com/Mwni/PIXI.TextInput , or just position html input element on top of your "texture" or whatever you will call it after you spend some time with pixi, accessability plugin has tricks like that.

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