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Wait for screen to startup


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In my game the player will create a character (TODO), then start the game.  The game starts by placing one tile on the board 

Right now I just have a GameController which is a phaser Scene

In the Game Controller I want to have instances to the board and the UI Menu so that I can communicate with the other scenes throughout the game 

The issue that I am currently having (and I think that it is because of JS single threaded nature) is that I need to wait for the Board's create method is complete before I can start calling the other methods, but scene.run does not start until Game.create is done (and I tried Game.preload)

So the question is there a way to wait / detect  until scene.run is finished?  I know that there are certain events that a scene triggers but can I hook into another objects events like on('Board:transitioncomplete',()=>)

Is there a cleaner way to structure the order of these events?


  create() {
    this.board = this.scene.get('Board');
    this.board = this.scene.get('UI');

  startGame() {
    this.board.createRoom(0, 0, 'N');
    // this.UI.renderMessage({ message: 'Welcome to the dungeon', parameters: 'Param1' }, (param) => console.log(`Hello from Game with ${param}`));


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