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Found 7 results

  1. In my game the player will create a character (TODO), then start the game. The game starts by placing one tile on the board Right now I just have a GameController which is a phaser Scene In the Game Controller I want to have instances to the board and the UI Menu so that I can communicate with the other scenes throughout the game The issue that I am currently having (and I think that it is because of JS single threaded nature) is that I need to wait for the Board's create method is complete before I can start calling the other methods, but scene.run does not start until Game.create is done (and I tried Game.preload) So the question is there a way to wait / detect until scene.run is finished? I know that there are certain events that a scene triggers but can I hook into another objects events like on('Board:transitioncomplete',()=>) Is there a cleaner way to structure the order of these events? create() { this.board = this.scene.get('Board'); this.board = this.scene.get('UI'); this.scene.run('Board'); this.startGame(); } startGame() { this.board.createRoom(0, 0, 'N'); // this.UI.renderMessage({ message: 'Welcome to the dungeon', parameters: 'Param1' }, (param) => console.log(`Hello from Game with ${param}`)); }
  2. Hello, A new upcoming startup is looking for a freelancer developer (for a really cool job). Skills: 3D graphics (Three.js / Babylon.js or any other alternative) Extras: React Node.js TypeScript ES6/ES7 Redux or any other alternative [email protected] or PM for details
  3. Ever wanted to be on the bleeding edge of iGaming ? Interested in Blockchain & Crypto. A leading exchange in the blockchain space, led by one of the top names in Crypto, is looking for a HTML5 Games Designer, willing to adapt one of his games, to test a crazy idea. We are ideally looking for a roulette game. But we are open to ideas. Part of this side project will be tweaking your GUI for the test. Rewards paid out in a Cryto currency trading very well. You would be joining a open source community full of nerds, geeks, crypto weirdos. If this sound like your bag, please get in touch.
  4. Hello, I am a co-founder of a startup, right now we are two people working on developing an app for brain training using a sensor that can measure brain signals. It is a desktop application written in JavaScript using Electron. We have decided that we would like to have a game working inside of the application, that can take incoming signals from the sensor and use them to control the game. For example it could be increasing speed or height as the signal increases. We have been looking into game frameworks/engines to do this. Since we are using JavaScript we would prefer to keep working with that. Electron uses a chromium browser so it also needs to work with HTML5. We have a lot of other things to focus on so preferably we would like to be able to build games quickly and easily, my co-founder prefers not to code so much so we have been looking into drag-and-drop GUI based ways of building games. Like Construct 2, Buildbox, Game Salad, Gamebuilder Studio and lately Qiciengine. We really liked Qiciengine as it is open source and completely JavaScript and HTML but now we found out that it is no longer being developed. I am already getting errors running it with the latest Node version so it does not seem very promising to use without any further development. The game itself can be quite simple, we are thinking 2D and having some character fly in the middle of the screen, going up or down as the signal increases or decreases and receiving points/bonuses based on some score system. I have been a bit concerned with using GUI based drag-and-drop game engines to generate the code as we need the game to integrate well inside of our application and we also need to send in values to control the game, that makes me think that a more code-based framework like Phaser may be a good choice for us as it would ease integration and allow us to have one codebase. On the other hand it may take longer to develop as I would have to write all the code. That said is there anyone who can recommend us how we could develop this game? Would it be ok to use the qiciengine even if it will not be developed? In general do you think it would be hard to integrate a drag-and-drop solution that generates code into our existing application? Would it mean more work in the end as we would have to keep separate code-bases/projects synced?
  5. oomfr is a startup based in Laguna Hills, CA. At oomfr we are building a smart ecosystem where game developers can upload games, by using our custom APIs to embed discounts/coupon information within the games. The upload is free for game developers and developers can make money based on the amount of game plays, and percentage of discounts/coupons obtained through their games. Our aim is to provide a seamless integration of gaming and discount/coupon distribution. At oomfr, we want to feature html5 games on our website and phone application, as we launch. Let us know what you think about this offer. Best Regards,Ola FadiranFounder, oomfr
  6. Hi my name is Gonzalo from Quantitec GmbH (www.quantitec.de) Germany. Quantitec is a continuously growing start-up company since 2012. Our core competencies include the development of inertial sensor systems for indoor & outdoor navigation. With our unique technology, we offer indoor navigation solutions and services for various industries. We are currently searching skilled HTML5 / WebDeveloper / software developers for: Developing an API and a WebApp for our Indoor-Navigation Technology.Creating a UI to help the user draw squares, import PNG (Maps) and animate objects.Manipulate squares, circles etc. with canvas or similarJavaScript or Java or C/C++ and ideal would be PHP & CSSCreate an database infrastructure for the communication between our devices and the web frontendImport and export data from a database.Job location, duration and employment type: Our offices are located in Frankfurt Main / Germany.Fulltime as Freelancer or as a part of our StartupFluent english or german is a requirement for this jobQuantitec is associated with the esa business incubation center (http://www.esa-bic.de) . If you are motivated to work in our international Team and interested to be a part of a upcoming market changing product then drop us a email with your CV at: jobs(at)quantitec.de Youtube demo of our prototype: Best Regards Gonzalo Ibarra
  7. Greetings gamers, makers and technologist, This is Sky from Depth VR. For those of you who are not familiar with us, we are a Virtual Reality hardware team based out of Beijing.(We have absolutely nothing to do with Oculus-Rift !). We respect what other teams have accomplished but we are bringing new ideas and designs to the VR hardware world. We are reaching out to you today because we built our devices with you in mind and we want get inputs / feedback from you. Our device is a display-attached device , an optical tracking device attached to the top of the screen . It tracks your head position, according to the relationship between your eyes and the screen, the 3D effects will be done with subtle adjustments , so you will feel like that you are looking at a Real Object instead of a flat image . Here is What it is looks like : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2obOpX13wA&feature=youtu.be And the device itself looks like this : The device connects to your computer via a USB cable. You can very easily make your game showing this effect by applying our SDK in your applications. We will release specific development steps in the near future on our facebook page, and it's really simple, please be on the lookout for more exciting updates from DepthVR! Our SDK now supports multiple 3D-Engines : 1. Unity 2. Ogre 3. Opengl & Direct3D 4. Unreal Engine (under development…) 5. Other popular engines will be supported SOON ! We are starting a kickstarter campaign soon and would love to hear back from you. You can get the latest info here : Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/vr.depth Twitter:https://twitter.com/VRDepth
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