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angular 9 + pixijs-legacy weirdness


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Hey, so I'm seeing some particularly strange loading behavior of pixijs-legacy after updating to angular 9 (using angular-cli as the build tool).

In angular 8, everything was fine, but in 9 when trying to load pixijs-legacy it appears to just... completely ignore the legacy patch and ends up running the normal pixijs. Nothing cavas related is available and if you step through the execution, the auto-detect render code seems to be the non-legacy version. Imports follow the usual syntax

import { Rectangle } from "pixi.js-legacy";

Now... the best part, everything works as expected in a minimal reproduction (angular seed project + pixi import), which makes it hard to report/ debug.

So... mainly I'm just looking for some guidance into how pixi.js-legacy applies the legacy patch in the aid of better debugging. So that I can either work around it, or come up with an actual minimal repro.

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