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Positioning Container


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I want to center the Container with the preservation of the perspective and so that it always fits into the window. But Pixi Container doesn't have a constant size. How do I achieve this?

Untitled Diagram.png

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Pixi doesnt have elements that have fixed width/height, containers are based on flash DisplayObjectContainer.

There were many threads like this, please use search or try to read everything :)

Basically, you have to assign width somewhere else, in your variable.

If you have screen size, and you have your wanted "width" of container (which is not pixi container width), you can calculate scale to fit or cover the screen. That scale can be assigned to pixi element because scale is first-class citizen in pixi. Width isn't.

This is also a basic transform exercise - one of reasons we dont provide scaling window solution. If you dont exercise with transforms, you will fail later on more difficult tasks. It wont be easy for us to explain you how to use those things later.

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