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Overlapping sprites - how to find the clicked playing card?

Alexander Farber

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Good evening,

I have several playing cards at the table (screenshot below) and am trying to identify the card which is being clicked - by the following code:

function onDragStart(ev) {
        var stagePoint = ev.data.getLocalPosition(app.stage);
        for (var i = 0; i < app.stage.children.length; i++) {
                var child = app.stage.children[i];
                if (child instanceof Card && child.getBounds().contains(stagePoint.x, stagePoint.y)) {
                        draggedCard = child;
                        if (draggedCard.getBounds().contains(stagePoint.x, stagePoint.y)) {
                                this.data = ev.data;
                                draggedCard.moveBy(-Shadow.OFFSET, -Shadow.OFFSET);
                                shadow.visible = true;
                                oldX = stagePoint.x;
                                oldY = stagePoint.y;

But the approach does not work, the sprites seem not to be sorted by the order I have called app.stage.addChild()

How to proceed here best? Please recommend some approach.

I would like to select the card for dragging and also change its z-order to be on the top.

I am using pixi.js 5.2.1, here is my web page and the screenshot below -

Thank you

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 22.57.14.png

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bounds are AABB (parallel to X and Y) . why dont you just use regular "interactive = true" ? 

I think you have go backwards. First drawn - last clicked, isnt that right?

Also all sprites have containsPoint() method which checks if (x,y) belongs to it

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