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Partner for RTS Game Engine Development

Sky Alpha

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Hey there Guys! How is it going?


I'm looking for partnership to develop a Open Source RTS Game Engine based on PhaserJS version 3.

I have already created the Unit Class that allows me to create Ranged and Meele Units. I spent the last few weeks trying to implement the Flocking behavior to the Units But I was unable to achieve the bahavior I wanted, so I'm using twees and EasyStar for Path finding. From now on I'm going to implement the buildings creation.

It would be nice to have some extra help from someone experienced with Phaser 3.

For Sprites, I'm using the Little War Game Sprites I found on Reddit for Modding, I have permition to use them for prototype.

Well, There is a lot more that I could tell you guys about this project, but I will save it for anyone that really wants to help!

Here is What I Have so far


Post Processing with Fog of War and Particles. (For some Reason Everytime I get to Record my Screen The FPS Drops to 30, but it's 60FPS without recording)

- Added a new Fog of War for Explored and Unexplored Positions.
- Added a MiniMap updated Dinamically.



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On 5/24/2020 at 2:35 PM, Camaleonyco said:

Very promising! If at any point you decide to make a game with it (as a way to promote the engine, maybe?), please let me know!

Hey @Camaleonyco, I have implemented a lot of features and fix tons os bugs since I asked for help here. Right now I'm not thinking about a Game Engine anymore, but a Template. I would appreciate a little help to create Custom Sprites to make it available with the template, as I'm using the LWG Sprites I have pemission to Prototype, but not to publish them.


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