Use dom/css for game UI?

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I'm tinkering with a strategy game concept and I thought I could try web-based technologies for faster prototyping. I'm more of a Java programmer, so I'm learning the ropes, but I think that a web game will be easier to iterate on with over people : no need to install anything, just go to the link!

I saw there are multiple frameworks: pixi, phaser, melon, babylon, etc. All of these have some basic support for UI, but it looks to me it still is pretty poor compared to DOM/CSS native features, or you need a greater involvement in graphics wrt code.

Following a few tutorials, I could easily use Vue+Bulma to draw a quick UI prototype (see, only missing the game map (that will need another framework obviously), I think it would have taken me much much longer to do the same thing with Pixi (I tried it a few years back).

However I see most game only UI is made in the same framework as the main game view (pixi, phaser, etc.)... So I'm curious... Why is that?

Maybe my use case is a bit specific, relying more on UI than on animations? Or I missed some great UI library for these frameworks? Or for mobile screens you need a more integrated UI?

What am I missing?

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