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Problems using PIXI.Loader resources


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I am trying to set up a callback that fires whenever an asset starts loading in pixi v5. I did something like this:


The problem is that onStart (or any other signals for that matter) are not defined for the LoaderResource class. According to the docs, these exist, but I can't seem to get them. LoaderResource has all other properties like url, data, texture and such, just no signals. Am I missing something?

The relevant packages I installed through npm are: pixi-js, pixi-sound, pixi-spine

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Hello and Welcome to the forums!

Do you use typescript or do you get undefined type error in js?

Yes, they might be not defined because we have a bit of a problem to make correct typings considering that resource-loader is separated from pixi: https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader 

We dont have time to fix it in current version because soon we are working on completely new typings that are not generated from jsdoc. We will also need to persuade resource-loader author to make changes to typings to make it better connect to pixi.

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While waiting for solution you could skip the warning by casting the resources to dynamic type (loader.resources[mykey] as any).onStart.add.

You would lose autocompletion and other type security in that case though for those lines.

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