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Remove filter with fade/transition

Johnny Kontrolleti

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I have a `PIXI.Container()` I apply a shader/filter to using `container.filters = [filter]`.

Documentations says, to remove a filter, just set `container.filters = null`. 
This works, but it's kind of a hard cut, when the image/sprite inside of the container is still visible, hence my question:

Can I remove a filter with a kind of fade/transition?

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You can modify all the filters you use with param that mixes filter color with original color.

If you want an automation, you can re-create same approach i did in pixi-picture v4 ( still didnt move it to v5) - make a filter that is copying temporary renderTexture before other filters are applied, and a filter that mixes filters result with orig result.


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15 minutes ago, Johnny Kontrolleti said:

Sorry, but do you mean to modify f.e. a shader's vector and its values, which is causing the effect, from outside? 


vec2 warpAmount = vec2( 2.0 / 34.0, 1.0 / 16.0 );

In this case f.e. `vec2(0/0)` would remove the effect - that's what I should modify from outside?

That's it. Thanks! 

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