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Request for approval of a Live2D plugin


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Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place for such a request, but better than nothing!


I'm developing pixi-live2d-display, a Live2D integration plugin that provides handy "Pixi style" APIs to display and control the Live2D models. It's still in active development for better reliability and more features.


It can be a nice alternative of the existing Live2D plugin, pixi-live2d, which no longer seems to be maintained.


It'll be a good opportunity for this plugin to be known by people if it can be approved and listed in Pixi's user plugins. I'll appreciate it!

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Oh thanks for the welcome! Also thanks for approval! :D


I've never seen an official pixi plugin before (did I miss it?), and to be honest, I don't think the live2d team even have that ability to make such a plugin... My plugin is essentially based on the official CubismWebFramework, when I was working on it,  I seriously found the fact that they're not good at coding javascript ?


pixi-live2d is not official but a personal project, the contacts may be unnecessary, I think.


I'm also new to slack, not sure what will happen but I'll try to learn it!

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