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Artifacts when renderer width is an odd number


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 Is there a proper way to prevent this from happening?

No, only workarounds, because that is a combination of many small settings.

first you have to check if number of pixels and css width is the same in those cases for you, maybe resize went wrong

then, if you used width/2 for camera-  that might be a problem, sprites at half-integer screen coords, set "roundPixels=true" for those sprites, maybe it helps , but no guarantees

there are several other small things that can fix that

the idea is to use one of stupid workarounds, like, "dont resize to odd numbers, always use even" , or "always floor() your camera pivot coords"

"proper way" is to actually understand why all that is happenning and write your code cleanly according to absolute knowledge that only a few pixi people have.


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