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pixi spritesheet image reference

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Hi All

I'm trying to setup a spritesheet like this:

this.myLoader = new PIXI.Loader();

function startGame(){
let spritesheetPropsTexture = PIXI.Texture.from("assets/images/props.png");
        let spritesheetPropsSprite = new PIXI.Sprite(spritesheetPropsTexture);
        let mySheet = new PIXI.Spritesheet(spritesheetPropsSprite.texture.baseTexture,"assets/images/props.json");

        let cheese = new PIXI.Sprite(myspritesheet.textures["cheese.png"]);


I know that it´s fairly simpel like this:

        let sheet = PIXI.Loader.shared.resources["assets/images/props.json"].spritesheet;
        let cheese =  new PIXI.Sprite(sheet.textures["cheese.png"]);
with the shared loader.
But i need to have a reference to the image. Anyone knows how to solve this.

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It´s working now 🙂


 let spritesheetPropsTexture = PIXI.Texture.from(this.asset.get("images/props.png"));
        let spritesheetPropsSprite = new PIXI.Sprite(spritesheetPropsTexture);
        this.mySheet = new PIXI.Spritesheet(spritesheetPropsSprite.texture.baseTexture, this.imagePropsJson);

        this.mySheet.parse((textures) => {
            let cheese = new PIXI.Sprite(this.mySheet.textures["antenne.png"]);
            cheese.x = 200;
            cheese.y = 200;

"this.asset.get" is just my own reference to files. The only thing i had to change was:

this.mySheet.parse((textures) => {

Her goes my spritesheets



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You dont have to remember that, its better to clone pixi sources, open them in separate IDE window and search for classes when you use them. That way you can find something like that  , modify your code and forget about it :)

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