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Choosing a rendering engine or a game framework


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hello ,

I need orientation in choosing between a Javascript rendering engine like Pixi JS or a full game framework like Phaser JS.

I am trying to create a 2D grid layout in witch I can draw shapes like shown on this gif.

layout animation

The user could hold a key to draw straight lines and so on. I am building the component in Vue.js and I am still not sure if I need a game framework to do so or a rendering engine would do the trick.

What is the most straightfoward way to achieve this?

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1 hour ago, SebastianMtl said:

What is the most straightfoward way to achieve this?

Canvas and JS, no extra lib needed imo (for the goal as defined).  Various ways to do the floodfill either using the Context2d API or abstracting the grid to something higher level.

That said, I expect the grid and layout has a purpose beyond what is explained here?  That purpose should be considered for a more considered answer ... probably unlikely to be disappointed with selecting Pixi.


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