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Few simple questions


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I have been waiting for a bit before testing the water with this phaser and decided to dive in and see with my current game. It's kind of important for the physics of my game since i had to hack pretty much all my physics in 1.1.5

I like the newer physics and i wont need to hack anything in. Problem is i'm up against a wall with a ton of errors.


Particle collision errors - Still fixing


BitmapFonts - Fixed


Physics - Fixed(couldnt start NINJA physics...)


And then i dont know what else needs a fix. My question then:


What are the big game changers in this new release other than physics and other stuff. I asked about bitmapfonts being fixedToCamera and seen Rich has added that in. I want that but in 1.1.5 its not there. Also: if i want these ninja physics working then why do i get the error:


Has no method: startSystem for the line that starts the physics of the world?


I might probably have to re-read a few things but im pretty comfortable in phaser and think i'm just missing a few new little things that im a bit puzzled on.

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is there a certain reason why my particles are giving errors?

I'm doing this:

deadblood = this.add.emitter(player.x, player.y, 85);        deadblood.makeParticles('playerblood', [0,1,2,3,4], 85, true, false);        deadblood.minParticleSpeed.setTo(-200, -300);        deadblood.maxParticleSpeed.setTo(200, -400);        deadblood.gravity = 9000;        deadblood.bounce.setTo(0.5,0.5);        deadblood.angularDrag = 5;        deadblood.collideWorldBounds = true; // new line        deadblood.physicsEnabled = true; // new line        deadblood.start(true, 900, 85);

but i get this error:


  1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'checkCollision' of null phaser.js:57910


I've looked at how they are being created compared to how phaser would like it and still giving me issues?


Then onFloor() is different too? o.O


The update for:

this.physics.collide(player, layer);

That gave me an error too...


Maybe i need to read something 

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Yeah I guessed the particles weren't in because the creation was fine. I commented them out. I got the rest working fine. Just confused about the onFloor() and having to do:

Imasprite.physicsEnabled= true;

Its such a foreign concept or missing something. I'll give the fresh build a go and see what happens with the build I have for 2.0.

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hi Rich,


i am still facing a similar error in 2.0 version of the Phaser. can you please help me with this error. 



code from examples:


var MonsterParticle = function (game, x, y) {
    Phaser.Particle.call(this, game, x, y, game.cache.getBitmapData('particleShade'));
>>line #7 : MonsterParticle.prototype = new Object.create(Phaser.Particle.prototype);
MonsterParticle.prototype.constructor = MonsterParticle;



  1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined test.js:7
    1. (anonymous function)
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